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There are nearly 100,000 unique onion service addresses online with over two million people using Tor every single day. We also found that access to porn sites appeared to be interfered with via in-band TCP packet injections of advertisement and malware content, and that the blocking of The New Arab website led to the blocking of specific content (… Read More

You may wonder about something so weird about the lifestyles of animals that sometimes pop-up in your mind. In ongoing recent work, my students and I analyzed college students' scores on a few common scales that psychologists use to assess humor, time perspective and the need for humor - a measure of how an individual produces or seeks humor in the… Read More

Sheyi is a soul singer-songwriter based in London. The ubiquity of mobile devices means electronic games can be played at any time and their sales eclipse both music and video sales in the UK. Given the growing popularity and motivational pull of video games, concern over their addictive potential is inevitable.The researchers discovered that after… Read More

Portugal is one of Europe's most exclusive holiday, retirement and leisure destinations. As mentioned before the rates can be lower than in the UK, for example in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal the rates can start as low as 3.5%. In the less established markets like Bulgaria and other eastern European countries the rates can start at around 6%, … Read More