Bankruptcy Attorney Phoenix AZ

Often when people are faced with the prospect of having to file for bankruptcy, they are worried they will be stripped of their house and all earthly possessions, that it will be sold to the highest bidder and paid off to their creditors. My Arizona Lawyers will analyze your financial situation, communicate your options, give honest advice, prepare your BK petition, review the process, attend court hearings, take any legal actions necessary to the success of your case, and follow up with you regarding your case.
We will answer all your bankruptcy faqs, explain the bankruptcy laws, outline the bankruptcy process, maximize your bankruptcy exemptions, protect your retirement and social security from creditors, advise you on the means test to qualify for Chapter 7, engage in debt negotiation with secured creditors and be with you every step of the way.

Some of my friends attorneys will tell them whatever they want to hear, and let them fight court battles they won't win, just to get the extra legal fees, but Jonathan has never once done that with me. He will tell me directly if I'm asking for something I can't realistically get, so it's not worth my time and money.
Not only can an attorney fill out and check over all of your paperwork, but they will also advise you about which Chapter to file and how to gather the specific information needed to successfully plead your case, and then they will represent you before the court.

Additionally, our Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys serve individuals and businesses in proceedings under all Bankruptcy Chapters, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Therefore, our Arizona bankruptcy law team prides itself in the fact that we can provide high-quality bankruptcy service at inexpensive rates for our clients.
My business litigation case was quite complicated, I felt that pressured and like the other party, my ex-business partner was trying to take advantage of me; but the attorneys at Collins & Collins were with me all the way and I didn't feel alone in this.
It is important to note that certain forms of debt are considered non-dischargeable, including alimony and child support, recently incurred income taxes, student loans, legal judgments from committing a crime or drunk driving, and purchases of what are considered luxury items shortly before the filing of bankruptcy.

During this difficult time in your life, you will appreciate the attention you receive from Phoenix bankruptcy attorney Gary Stickell, one of Arizona's leading personal bankruptcy attorneys and a trusted bankruptcy resource to whom many Arizona lawyers entrust their financially distressed clients.
Furthermore, your Attorney will also let you know your best timeline to file. It is this combination of big corporation, small company and individual entrepreneur Credit Card Debt Phoenix cases that gives our team of innovative Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with the specific counsel they need.

One of our Arizona bankruptcy attorneys would be glad to give you more information. In this free, one-hour consultation with a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer, you can determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is right for you. Therefore, there are different reasons why clients file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
If you are considering filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy in Avondale, Glendale, or Surprise, Arizona, our Avondale Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers may be of great assistance. Our clients primarily work with an attorney throughout their bankruptcy. The last few years have not been kind to many people in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona.
The bankruptcy code does provide an exception and allows a debtor to discharge their educational loans if they can show undue hardship.” However, the courts have narrowly construed this meaning so that a very persuasive showing must be made. Many aim to file a Chapter 7 (see What is the difference between a chapter 7 and chapter 13” section), but you may be better suited for a Chapter 13 depending on what assets you own and the type of liabilities you have.

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