Bamboo & Timber Flooring

The Timber Flooring Specialists. Bosch Timber Floors has great displays of engineered timber floors in Australian species such as Blackbutt, Jarrah, Spotted Gum, and Marri as well as a wide range of stained oaks which continue to grow in popularity with recent trends towards interior styles that revolve around the Hamptons” look.
Because floating floors aren't nailed down like conventional floorboards, any movement in the boards is spread across the entire floor, which makes gaps less likely to appear, however they are less popular these days due to the click clack noise that develops when gaps do appear.
Laminate flooring, don't have the same durability but still can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. From floating floors to traditional timber flooring best engineered hardwood flooring solutions, we have it all. Cost saving: Due to the faster growth rate of trees, engineered timber is often more affordable than solid hardwood.
The character of a wooden floor is influenced by the species' characteristics, which then determines the grade.Grading is a process that categorises boards according to the number and size of features present in the material, e.g. gum veins and knots.

Consider placing rugs in high traffic areas, to protect your bamboo floors from damage or general wear and tear. It was developed as a cost-efficient answer to the usual problems of solid wood flooring, all without sacrificing durability and appearance. If you're installing your wood flooring yourself, ask your supplier on how to lay the planks in the best possible way.
Engineered wooden flooring is a two layered flooring type composed of a thin hardwood as a surface layer and a solid plywood core at the bottom. VCS carries over 1000 solid timber flooring products for every stage of the project. Boral 19mm tongue and groove solid strip flooring is precision milled, providing a wear layer that can be refinished many times over providing a lifetime of enjoyment.

The best part is; our floorboards in western suburbs in Melbourne come at highly affordable rates. Australian Oak engineered hardwood flooring is the combination of a beautiful hardwood floor, a hard wearing coating and a super stable substrate - manufactured to the quality you'd expect from Australia's largest hardwood mill.
ASH is able to manufacture this stunning product at minimal cost through the use of their own regrowth hardwood logs. Book a visit from CQ Flooring's mobile showroom to see engineered timber flooring samples from the comfort of your doorstep. With everything from European engineered timber and laminate , to bamboo and vinyl - we will only suggest the best option for your home or business.
Engineered timber flooring can be the perfect finishing touch to your newly renovated home, hotel or retail store. While engineered timber planks are more resistant to water than hardwood planks, laminate is still the most moisture friendly option. At VCS you don't talk to sales people, you talk to people who work in the industry and who are passionate about offering the right timber floor solution.

When installing solid timber flooring in your home you should leave the floorboards in the area where they will be laid for up to 6 weeks to further adapt to the relative humidity of your location. Timber floors are versatile and offer natural warmth and beauty, making them a great choice for almost every room,” says Carpet Court ambassador and interior designer, Darren Palmer.
Our timber flooring in Sydney and Melbourne comes in a choice of two veneer thickness levels, 4mm for premium and 3mm for our Project Timber Range. Our unequalled solid 6 mm wear layer, allows you to re-sand the board as many times as a traditional solid timber floor.

We also offer full professional installation services of your timber flooring and operate Melbourne wide. We are happy that all who are looking to purchase oak flooring in Brisbane or the Gold Coast have the opportunity to buy products from one of the best timber flooring and oak flooring manufacturers worldwide.

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